Les travaux de grammaire basque avant Larramendi (1729)



Argitaratua api 2, 1989
Beñat Oyharçabal


The first published Basque grammar was Larramendi's Arte de la Lengua bascongada (1729). Before the famous guipuzcoan jesuist published his book, however, several other studies had been made, although not published. The present paper is devoted to these works examining the two chapters devoted to Basque grammar in Oihenart's Notitia utriusque Vasconiae (1638), other works which have been lost ever since, are surveyed too: S. Pouvreau's grammar (2d part of the 17th century), D. Bidegaray's Rudiments basques (about 1675), and M. Oyanguren's Arte Cantábrico (1715). Besides, a short analysis of the Grammaire cantabrique basque written in England by P. d'Urte around 1712, is offered. That grammar was only published at the end of the 19th century.

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