Silvain Pouvreauren hiztegiaren iturriak eta testukritikaren metodologia



Argitaratua 2008-04-15
Javier Etxagibel


In the XVII century the French priest Silvain Pouvreau prepared a Basque-French dictionary that never was published. In the entries of his dictionary Pouvreau compiled a great number of referential words and quotes of the Basque writers Leizarraga, Axular, Etxeberri Ziburukoa, Oihenart and Harizmendi. In this work we try to verify those referential testimonies and to uncover the non-referential possible ones concerning to the all sources that Pouvreau could resort to, in order to complete the corpus of the dictionary and in this way to obtain a general perspective of the Pouvreau's lexicography.

In the first part of the work we present the methodology utilised: settlement of the analysis time period, the need to consider only in terms of reliability levels the possible found sources due to the restriction of the tools utilised in the research and the fact that the actual Basque corpus in texts and editions that Pouvreau could resort to is larger than that we have at hand nowadays. Considering that the analysis of literature testimonies and the lexicographical ones imply different approaches we study them separately. We classify the possible non-referential literature testimonies in four groups according to their reliability levels from the maximum to the miminum one, taking in account the number of authors that could utilise the same testimony, also we propose several criterions to designate with a certain grade of truthfulness a source in the cases of testimonies of poor reliability levels. With respect to possible lexical sources we confront the Basque-French dictionary of Voltoire —that apart from the little word lists that appear in the texts of Leizarraga and Oihenart it is the only Basque-French dictionary published in the analysis time period—with the Pouvreau's one and like in the case of the literature testimonies also propose several criterions to attribute possible sources to these possible lexical testimonies.

The main results of the research are the following: i) the literature corpus is formed by about 3700 testimonies of what nearly 60% corresponds to non-referential possibles ones. ii) regarding the sources of these no referential testimonies we find that so many could correspond to the previously quoted sources, i.e. Axular, Leizarraga, Etxeberri Ziburukoa, Oihenart and Harizmendi, besides that, a great number could correspond to new sources: Haranburu, Materre, Etxepare, Beriain, Tartas and Argainaratz. iii) unexpectedly Voltoire appears as the main lexical source, in effect, more than 700 entries and subentries of the Pouvreau's dictionary could correspond to the Voltoire's one.

The remainder parts of the work are dedicated to present in detail the analysis of the individual sources including tables that compile all the testimonies and also same commentaries about the possible editions of the texts utilised by Pouvreau and others.


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Etxagibel, Javier. 2008. «Silvain Pouvreauren Hiztegiaren Iturriak Eta Testukritikaren Metodologia». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 42 (2):69-118.
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