Euskal formen aurkezpena Larramendiren hiztegian



Argitaratua api 2, 2001
Blanca Urgell


In this paper, we extend our previous lexicographic andphilological description of Larramendi's Diccionario Trilingüe (1745) (Urgell 1998a, 1998b and 1999), this time focusing on the target language, Basque, its most novel side.
   First, lexicographic standard aspects are described: the canonical form of Basque equivalents (§1), their average (§2) and types (§3). The research shows that we are dealing with a very rich dictionary, full of Basque synonyms and dialectal variants; at the same time, there is nearly always a derivational pattern all along the word family entries. It follows that the lexicographer undoubtedly employed all the written and oral sources and all the language resources he knew in order to cover the large Spanish nomenclature with as many Basque equivalents as possible.
   Second, we deal with some basic philological topics: spelling (§4), and determiner and word final hiatus (§5). Spelling is partly surprising, because often it does not fit in the system normally employed by Larramendi. We conclude that from time to time he accepted spellings of his sources, mainly those of the northern dialects. On the other hand, it is not an easy task to decide what the indefinite form of the attested nouns is, not only because the canonical form, usually the determinate one, does not always help, but also because combinations that should give us the indeterminate form do not either. It seems there not to be a single system at all, again because of the great variety of sources, as well as of the lexicographer's choice itself. In fact, he accepted some of the different solutions provided by his sources just as they were -e.g. -a + -a > -a, -ea or even -ia- although seemingly he sometimes tried to offer a more general form. In any event, he had to interpret nearly all the ambiguous determinate forms in order to offer their compounds, derivatives, collocations, and so on, and evidently he was not able to do so without occasionally falling into error, as we will argue.

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