Euskalaritzaren historia eta historiografia: ikerketa-arloaren egoeraz



Argitaratua 1997-04-02
Ricardo Gómez


This paper attempts to summarize what is currently known about the History of Basque Linguistics. The first section tries to explain what is precisely meant by the term "euskalaritza" (Bascology) and proposes a provisional periodization of the History of Basque Linguistics. The second section outlines the factors which triggered the development of Basque Linguistic Historiography from the mid 80's -mainly the new interpretation of the 18th century Jesuit M. Larramendi's works- and shows some of its consequences. The third section carries out the chief goal of the paper; the principal authors' works, and ideas emerging from the History of Basque Linguistics are there briefly noticed, and historiographical works concerning each one of them are mentioned along; special emphasis is laid on the most recent findings. Finally, a bibliographical appendix is provided containing the works by the old authors referred to throughout the paper.

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Gómez, Ricardo. 1997. «Euskalaritzaren Historia Eta Historiografia: Ikerketa-Arloaren Egoeraz». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 31 (2):363-91.
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