Bonaparteren argitaratzeko irizpideez: Aezkoa, Zaraitzu eta Erronkariko dotrinak (I)



Argitaratua 1992-04-02
Iñaki Camino Ricardo Gómez


Prince Bonaparte's interest in the Basque language led him to ask, among other things, for the translation of Astete's Christian Catechism into the Basque of Aezkoa, Zaraitzu and Erronkari (Navarre). Thus, he decided to publish an abridge edition in 1869. We present in this article the first unabridge edition of those three manuscripts together with a new edition of Bonaparte's 1869 one. In a coming article we will compare the three original manuscripts with Bonaparte's edition of 1869 in an attempt to find out the type of changes that Bonaparte inserted in his edition and, whenever possible, explain the causes of these changes.

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Camino, Iñaki, eta Ricardo Gómez. 1992. «Bonaparteren Argitaratzeko Irizpideez: Aezkoa, Zaraitzu Eta Erronkariko Dotrinak (I)». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 26 (2):453-581.
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