Euskalaritzaren historiaren ikerketa-norabideak: zenbait proposamendu



Argitaratua 1997-04-02
Ricardo Gómez


The aim of this paper is to propose some lines of investigation and new methods that can be followed in order to increase our knowledge of the History of Basque Linguistics. The main claim put forward here is that we must profit from the new methodological innovations developed by the H istoriography of Linguistics since the 60's. In the first section, different aspects are mentioned of the relevance of the study of Basque Linguistic Historiography. The second section comments on the boom of the Historiography of Linguistics from the 60's, its causes and its consequences; furthermore, it reports on the methodological models emerged from the discussions since then (as shown in works by Koerner, Swiggers, and many others). The third section points out some difficulties and challenges of the study of the History of Basque Linguistics, and suggests both some priorities for that study and possible lines of investigation. In order to illustrate the different points made throughout the paper, the reader is referred, when possible, to examples chosen from recent investigations or from future topics of research.

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Gómez, Ricardo. 1997. «Euskalaritzaren Historiaren Ikerketa-Norabideak: Zenbait Proposamendu». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 31 (2):393-409.
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